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You must be tired of people telling what you should do to succeed in life. That’s why we won’t take your time with another home-cooked advice. Instead, we will tell you what you could do to get high grades with fewer efforts invested. To read or not to read – it is only up to you.

Still here? Decided you would like to find out the secret of not-so-energy-consuming studying? Here it is: you should buy your academic papers instead of writing them.

Wait! Before you discard this option as dishonest or contradicting your moral rules, consider this: you have paid a lump sum in tuition. Most likely you also worked your ass off trying to choose the right school, get better grades, write a stunning admission essay, and appear as strong a candidate as possible to the admission committee.

And now, when all the ordeals are overcome but not forgotten, they are making you educate yourself through academic writing. Self-education is important, but not when you’ve paid a fortune in tuition. You can’t afford to waste the money you’ve paid, and that’s why you should spend this time more productively – working, studying, getting internships or networking. We, on the other hand, have all the time in the world to work on your essays.

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Order essays? How does it even work?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of professional custom writing, we are more than willing to give you a brief explanation. When you order a paper from a writing company, they (we, that is) match you with a writer that has appropriate qualifications and knowledge to write the paper you have been assigned. Organizational issues are also taken care of. Basically, all you do is order, pay and then evaluate the result. Easy!

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As you must have already guessed, we are one of the custom writing companies described above. The main difference is – we do it on a much higher quality level than many other companies. Each and every of our customers is guaranteed the following:

  1. High quality original academic content. You can’t get an A unless you submit something truly stunning. We understand it perfectly well and make sure none of the papers produced by our writers have any traces of plagiarism.
  2. Timely fulfillment of the order. If we can’t finish your order as soon as you would like us to, we will not take it. There are no compromises made when we deal with customers’ deadlines.
  3. Access to information. To be able to answer our customers’ questions 24/7, we have created a team of support operators. They are there when you need them.
  4. Protection of sensitive information. Not only are your credit card and contact details protected against abuse, but we also guarantee that no one will find out about your ordering our assistance – unless you go and tell them yourself, of course.

These are the main benefits that we consider guarantees; it means a customer will get them no matter what.

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One of the primary concerns of students who have some experience in ordering custom papers is whether the price will be within affordable range. At our service, it always is. Due to fine-tuned pricing policy and a system of discounts, a client with any sort of budget can find something appropriate here.

Note that the price is ALWAYS calculated individually based on the following factors:

  • The faster you need your paper done, the more work is required, the higher the price.
  • The level of quality. If you need top-notch work, please choose the highest quality standard. It will add a bit to your price, but in return you will be sure that even the most demanding professor will be satisfied with what he gets.
  • Writer’s rating. We have regular (just good) writers and we have top ones.
  • Difficulty level. There are research papers and there are research papers. Specify which level you need – high school, college, university or MBA.

And, of course, the discounts! All new customers are encouraged with a first-order discount (yes, it can be your one and only order, but we are still willing to have you pay less). Once you start ordering more, you will also be able to benefit from the accumulative discount, i.e. pay less per page once the number of pages reaches a certain threshold. Finally, if you decide to bring a friend, we will thank you by transferring credits to your account that you will then be able to use as discounts.

Ordering your papers online is no longer a choice of the weak and the incapable. Your time is precious. Use it wisely. Order now.

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