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English Essay

Check out the various topics that you could write an English Essay on

There are so many interesting topics out there that you could use for your English essay. Of course, you need to remember that the academic level and the subject area are both important criteria. If you could give us some kind of indication of what subject area to choose, you can certainly ensure that your essay is a class above the rest. Choosing the right topic is where the challenge really lies.

How do you choose a topic?

Though we do agree that you are adept at making the right choices where essay topics are concerned; could assist you in this activity. You will find that the topics we suggest are just right; you can also have quite a few topics or questions to choose from. Here are some tips on how to choose a topic for your English essay.

  • Understand the academic level and choose a topic that is in line with it
  • Select a topic that lends itself to discussion
  • Check out whether this topic can be researched
  • Find out how many students or writers before you, have used the same topic
  • Find out the pros and cons of the topic before you begin to avoid getting stuck midway

Broad categories in English that you could work on

To begin with, it is necessary to understand that there are many divisions that you could focus on while writing an essay in English. It could be on –

  • The nuances of the English language, sentence structure, syntax and so on
  • Phonetics, linguistics or etymology
  • English Literature  - this could include prose, poetry, drama, fiction etc
  • Other kinds of literature – contemporary, African American etc

These are just broad classifications that you could think of working on. There are sub-areas in these subjects that you could look at. For instance, when you talk about an English Literature topic, you could subdivide into Elizabethan Literature, Modern English Literature, and Middle English, which includes Chaucer and so on. Our expert writers in English could give you such wise guidance that you will be inclined to work on more than just one essay! This is how can make a difference to your work.

Formatting of the essay

The key to excellence in a piece of English writing is the right kind of essay format that has to be followed. Most of you are aware that the three point formula is the basis of all formats. It is true that every essay needs to have a beginning, middle and an end. The essay questions that you have do not matter at all. Whatever question or topic you are working on; remember that the format and structure of the essay are well done. One good way of ensuring this is to have a structures essay outline to work on.

With our help you will realize that it is really not all that difficult to write a good English essay. You will be happy to have to the right advice for formats, structures, citations and a lot more.

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