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Essay Introduction

Three impressive ways to write an Essay Introduction

If there is one part of the essay writing process that gives every writer heebie-jeebies, it is the essay introduction. It is so easy to continue with the rest of the essay once you have the well-built beginning. There are many ways to write an intro. You could think of each of these ways and probably zone in on one that could give you an edge over your peers. It does not matter which one of these ways you adopt as long as you are able to make the right impression.

Take a look at these three interesting ways of writing the introduction of an essay

  • Dialogue – this is a commonly used starting point for an essay. For instance, if you are going to write an essay on problems faced by teens in high school, you could begin your essay with a short dialogue. This could be two revealing statements that exhibit the state of mind of two teenagers. You could also place two statements made – one by a student and one by a teacher. The point is to ensure that these statements are attention-grabbing. If you are going to make a matter of fact statement about the weather, there is no way you can make your mark.
  • Anecdote – this is the most well known way of beginning your essay. Since finding the right anecdote is the issue, it is necessary for you to learn as much as you can about intros. You could always use the writing help that you find on the site. Our tips help you get what you want, with the least amount of fuss. Check out our writing services to know how much we can do for you. Whether it is a school essay or a college or university level essay, we can help you make an impressive entrance with a good essay introduction.
  • Disquieting or surprising info – this is one technique that you could use in a positive as well as a negative way. When you are trying to make an impact, you can either startle someone with some terribly bad info or you can surprise them with a pleasant fact. Either way, the element of astonishment and unexpectedness has to be brought in. you can do this only when you know what has to go into your intro.

Before you write your intro, make sure you understand the topic one hundred percent. It would not be good to write on something as though you were an authority and then make a fool of yourself with an irrelevant introduction. Where it is relevant, it would also be good to include the thesis statement in your introduction. It will indicate to the reader that you know exactly what you are going to write about.

Your essay introduction is an important facet; do not ignore it. If you find that it is difficult to work on it, please call us for some help or advice. We at would be only too glad to help you write an intro that is meaningful and attention-grabbing.

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