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Essay Questions

Find the easy way to approach the toughest Essay Questions

When you sit down to write an essay, there are a million things going on in your head. If you have a considerable length of time to work on your essay; there is not much tension or anxiety. But, when you are given one of the essay questions that have been haunting you for quite a while, you could be stumped because you are really not prepared in any way. If you are associated with you can get some useful tips on how to tackle questions in a clever and structured way.

Understanding the nature of an essay question

You might wonder why a particular essay question is being posed to you. If you can understand the actual purpose or the nature of the question, you will be in a better position to answer it. The purpose of every essay question is to –

  • Find out whether you can identify the specific concept or concepts on which it is based
  • Ascertain whether you can apply the concept in a practical situation
  • Whether you can present enough material to support your point of view
  • Whether you know the right structure to be adhered to
  • If and how you can draw the points together to prove what you said at the beginning

If you can understand the explicit as well as the implied meaning of each question, answering it becomes a breeze. Unfortunately, most of the time, students are a bit fazed when they see a long and complicated question. These are questions that have a couple of sentences and could ask a series of things all at one go. This is enough to put you off and think that you are up against a set of unanswerable questions on a topic that you are not very sure off.

Some tips to answer questions

When essay questions are presented to you, keep in mind some of these tips. You will find that they work to your advantage

  • When you come across a long sentence or a couple of sentences, do not panic. The idea might be to confuse you; so don’t fall a prey to that. Instead, read it a couple of times with as much of a cool head as possible. As you read it, try to note down points that you think are important enough to include in an essay outline.
  • Once you have the points in hand, start making notes about the kind of content you need to have. Here, you also need to keep the essay format in mind. When you have a structure to work on, this becomes quite easy and effortless.
  • Think of all the supporting statements, examples, anecdotes and a lot of other content that you are going to bring in. whether it is a persuasive essay or any other kind of writing, it is necessary for you to be clear on what elements you include.

Irrespective of what your essay questions are, can give you workable suggestions that ensure the quality of your answers.

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