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There are incredible numbers of online writing firms that display examples of their writing under various headings and subheadings. It is indeed interesting to note the same; however, it could be a bit misguiding as well. You might wonder how you could be misguided by an example of essay writing. Well, the whole thing is quite simple, when you think about it for a moment.

Let us imagine that you are desperately looking out for someone to write an essay for you. You have identified a company and you have paid them a certain amount of money for essay delivering within a fixed period of time. You receive the essay in your mailbox and you are quite happy because it has reached you before the deadline. Since you are busy with some other assignments, you turn in this without doing any checks. Then comes the bombshell – you are penalized for a high level of plagiarism. This has happened because you have got in touch with the company that has no scruples about deceiving young students like you. Leave all this behind when you interact with us at

What should a good example of essay writing contain?

  • It needs to be original – the concept and language should be yours
  • It has to be in the right format – intro, body and conclusion
  • It needs to focus on the topic or question that is given
  • It has to include examples and anecdotes wherever necessary or applicable
  • It should be completely based on the outline that has been planned
  • If there is a specific style to be followed, this should be done implicitly
  • The language used should be simple and without clichés and flourishes
  • It should not deviate from the point that is to be focused on
  • The academic level of the student is to be kept in mind
  • Proofreading and editing should be the final acts carried out

These are the hallmarks of a good essay. If you are not careful about all these points that are mentioned above, you are likely to get an example of an essay that is anything but academic! When this happens, you will get into trouble; there will be no way of escaping the wrath of your teacher.

In order to avoid any kind of mishaps, it is necessary for you to make use of a good essay outline so that your writing will be well formatted. Presenting facts in a sequential manner is an equally important task. Take your time to frame the essay intro and all other parts of your essay. Once you are through with the whole task of writing, make sure that it reads through without any fits and starts. In other words, the essay should be a cohesive piece of writing. You could enlist our writing help when you need it.

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