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Narrative Essay

Make your Narrative Essay interesting; use the right structure

When you are trying to narrate an event or something that happens recurrently, you need to make it as interesting as possible. Have you ever tried telling a child a story? If you have, you will understand the problems that you are likely to face when you have to hold the attention of the child. It is very similar to working on a narrative piece of writing. Here too, you need to have an uninterrupted flow of information that is not boring in any way. Simple as it may sound, a narrative essay is certainly not an easy assignment to do. If you can bring in all the points and make sure that you are going to put it across in an interesting way, you are sure to have a good narrative piece in hand.

The features of a good narrative piece of writing

  • When you begin your narration, you need to be clear on what you are going to focus. Are you going to give an account of a personal experience? Are you going to describe a journey? Or are you make an observation about a person, a book or anything else? In other words, clearly describe the purpose of your narrative essay in the essay intro.
  • Bring in anecdotes to make your essay as newsy as possible. There is one word of caution that we would like to add at this point. Do not get carried away with the examples that you are going to put in and burden the essay with them. Instead, put them in where they would be most necessary. This is certainly a skill – so get in touch with the expert writers of if you are trying to figure out where to bring in your anecdotes or examples. Our kind of writing help will surely hold you in good stead.
  • Most narrative pieces of writing try to bring the reader a message. So, when you write your piece of narrative writing, help the reader reflect on certain points that you are trying to make. For instance, if you are going to describe the hardships that people faced in a small town in India during the tsunami, you could help the reader reflect on the harshness and impartiality of nature too. In the eyes of nature, everyone is equal. You could get this message across.
  • Your piece of narration on descriptive essay topics could earn you points if you put it across in the right style and diction. Don’t sound as though you know all that there is to know on the subject. Instead, put it across in a simple, but lighthearted way.

Since writing a narrative essay is one of the most common assignments that students are asked to work on in high school, college or university; it is good to hone your skills. Take the time to learn tips from pros like so that your performance is good from the beginning of the essay to the end. Call us for some valuable ideas when you need them.

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