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Descriptive Essay Topics

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Describing a process, a person, an event, an experience – this could be one of the most demanding things that you have ever done. It seems to be so easy when you are describing the same things verbally. You are able to express it all with hand gestures, facial expressions and voice modulations. To how do you achieve all this with a descriptive piece of writing. It is certainly a challenge. If you are looking for help in choosing good descriptive essay topics or assistance in writing such an essay, should be your first and only choice.

Here are some topics for descriptive writing that are bound to help you score

In order to make the topic a little clearer to understand, the essay questions based on the topic are given below. As you read through these questions, you can plan the essay outline in your mind and if necessary jot it down on a piece of paper. Do not hesitate to ask for our writing help when you set out to do this. Here are the questions on some descriptive essay topics you could work on, for a start :

  • You are out on your morning walk and you pass a rubbish dump. As you cross it, you hear the feeble cry of a newborn baby. You go back to find out where it came from. You discover a baby, probably less than a day old, crying out, the cries getting feebler. Describe the emotions that run through you and the resulting action that you take.
  • You are going back home from college and you find that you have left your books back in class. You rush back to college to get them and find that you are locked in your classroom. Describe your feeling of panic when you realize that you have to spend the whole night in an empty college with no company.
  • You have just watched the film, The Truman Show. You are very impressed with the main character and how he breaks out of his existence as a showpiece. Describe the character and explain in detail the psychological impact on the character, considering the circumstances he has lived in since his birth.
  • You are a high school student with a terrible math-phobia. Describe in detail the reasons why your fear for math is so intense.
  • Personal success can be heady and the right medicine for a person who thinks he is at the end of the road. Describe the feelings of doubt, trepidation, anxiety, accomplishment and joy that flitted through your mind over a period of time.

These are just some of the topics or questions that you could think of when you have to do a descriptive piece of writing. We do understand that it is a challenge to work on descriptive essay topics; we can help you with meaningful inputs at any time that you need them. Please go through the website to get an idea of how to write essays that describe, comment, analyze or critique a topic.