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Essay Intro

Start off with a bang! Your Essay Intro needs to make an impact

How easy it would be if you could start writing an essay without any problem. You just sit down at your desk and the ideas start flowing. Now, most of the time, we all do not share the same quantum of luck! Lady Luck seems to favor only those selected few and you often feel that you are not on that list. But don’t lose heart; we are around to make a difference. If you want an essay intro that can make your reader sit up and think and then all you have to do is get in touch with

Why call us for help

Here are five reasons why you should call when you need a good essay intro

  • We understand the topic well and hence phrase the intro appropriately
  • We do not use overly-sensational stuff to begin an essay
  • We stick to facts and make sure that the focus of the essay is brought out
  • We include a good thesis statement that makes your the purpose of your essay clear
  • We take into account the academic level, topic and subject while phrasing the intro

Are you looking for anything more? Don’t you think that you can now relax with a cup of coffee, whilst our writers work on the intro that you were breaking your head over? We understand how difficult it is to start a piece of writing in an apt way. When your teacher gives you instructions on this; it sounds incredibly easy. You think you can just sit down and the whole thing will flow out. In reality, this does not happen. Since our writers have the expertise and the experience, they are able to ensure that your ideas are put together in a concise form in the intro they write.

Some tips for intro writing

  • You could start with an anecdote, a quote, a dialogue or any other such thing
  • While using humor in your intro, be careful. It should fit in with the topic
  • Stay cool while planning your essay thesis statement. You cannot think when you are tense
  • Put all the points together first and then pick out what you think is relevant for your intro
  • Use words that are not too huge; make your language as simple as possible

Essay intros and types of essays

Please also remember that the intro that you put in depends to a large extent on the kind of essay you are writing. When you are writing on descriptive essay topics, it is good to focus on what the topic is and your points of view as well. If it is a critical essay, then the intro should explain what aspect of a certain topic you are going to work on. Since there are different kinds of essays such as argumentative, discursive, narrative and so on, it is necessary to know how the essay introduction for each of these is done. Give us a call if your essay intro is giving you trouble!