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Have you ever fantasized about little people that would do all the work for you? That could be summoned with a clap of a hand and would charge nothing for their work? Bad news is, there are no little people. Good news is, there are regular-sized people that can take over your college papers. They are professional paper writers who’ve decided to devote their professional lives to the benefit of students.

Even better – we have thousands of such specialists working for us. Whenever you have an assignment, you can hire one of them and receive an excellent paper. Yes, it is really that easy and straightforward. There are no hidden conditions written in small letters. No hidden charges and no pitfalls. You visit our website, place your order and wait for it to be fulfilled.

Advanced writers only!

Hundreds of companies make up their own bases of writers and provide similar services. What makes us different? The answer is – we look for the best writers only and do not hesitate to invest time and effort in this search.

The general level of writers working for us is extremely high. They are usually degree holders, have experience in custom writing (years of it!) and have proven themselves as excellent communicators. Sometimes the customer-writer communication is so good that we suspect an unlikely event of hypnosis is involved.

We also do not hire non-native writers. By “native” we mean English speaking. Academic writing requires excellent command of language and only native speakers can have that. Yet if you are not a native speaker yourself, we can write a paper from the non-native perspective in order not to raise any suspicions. Anything to satisfy your requirements!

How to hire writers here?

The process is really very simple. All you have to do is provide us with information about your paper. Topic, subject, deadline, difficulty level, quality standard and other fields are to be filled in in the ordering form. Once the form has been processed and the payment has been made, we will run your order information against the base of writers and find the best match.

All essay writers for hire working at our company have a certain field of specialization and a rating. Both are taken into account when assigning a specialist to work on your order. The rating defines which orders a writer can work on. Top rating means dissertations, a bit lower rating – major research papers and so on. Whether the writer’s qualifications match the order is defined automatically.

Once you have been assigned a writer, we recommend you to log into your account on our website and get to know your essay writer for hire. There is a message board where you can evaluate drafts of the paper your writer is working on, provide recommendations and instructions. It helps to avoid unpleasant surprises and speeds up the process.

If you have already established rapport with a certain writer, you can request that writer’s services again by specifying his ID number in the ordering form. Have a few of them? Provide a few options and we will see which one of the preferred writers is available.

What if I am not completely satisfied with the work of my paper writer?

Once the paper has arrived, please give it a close examination.  It might happen that there are certain mismatches with what you have expected. If so, please do not hesitate to ask your writer for a revision. We provide revisions free of charge for two weeks after order completion.

Please note that this option is only valid for minor fixes. If you want to change the requirements for your paper midway, it will entail additional costs.

To avoid the need to order a revision, please communicate ALL requirements to the writer when ordering. The more information the writer has, the higher the chances you won’t need to order a revision and won’t waste any of your time.

The guarantees we provide to our customers

To make sure our customers get what they want, we provide a set of iron-clad guarantees:

  1. Timely delivery

Whatever your deadline is, we will easily cope with it. If it is not possible, we will not take your order.

  1. 100% originality

There are no plagiarized papers here. All the content you get is completely unique.

  1. Confidentiality

Your personal information is safe with us and so are your credit card details.

  1. 24/7 support

Have a question? Need information? Having doubts? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to answer it at any time of the day.

Do not wait any longer to order professional services of a high-qualified writer. Success does not favor those who hesitate, but only those who make fast and bold decisions. Decisions that change your life.