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As Tufts encourage creativity, their task applicants to be as open-minded as possible whilst answering the questions. Students are encouraged to bravely delve into their element, adopting whichever character best suits them. Whether you opt to be serious or playful, the choice is entirely yours.

Think of the Tufts supplemental essay topics as an adventurous journey that leads you to a magical destination. We will be your travel guide, making sure you don’t get lost along the way.



  • The first applicant cluster is asked to explain what piqued their selection interest in Tufts. Why did you choose to join this particular institution?

If you are familiar with brands, you could take a similar approach to answer this question. For instance, you go into a shoe store knowing you want to purchase a pair of sneakers. There are many options to choose from but you have that one particular brand with which you have an emotional more than a rational connection. Why do you want to buy that specific brand, even though it may cost a lot more money?

Remember, you can give fully rational supporting answers, however, they may not be as convincing to the panel as you would have liked them to be if they are generic. Look for an emotive connection that compelled you to apply to this college.

  • The second question should be approached with caution as most students would misinterpret it as a “tell-all” invite. Tufts request you to get a bit more personal through your expression in answering one of the two questions provided.

The first asks about your current or aspired invention or design. Again, think of this as a journey and awaken your creative eye while answering this question. It beckons you to tap into your passion and expressively paint a visual picture of your dreams, through words.

For instance, if you invented a new app how would you pitch this idea to a potential investor? What was your reason behind this and why would they buy into your dream?

Please be sure to note that you are limited to a maximum of 250 words to answer this question, therefore it should be brief, yet impactful.

  • Tufts has an experimental college that energizes students to make a contribution to their institutional community. This is done by harnessing a heartfelt interest or exciting event or occurrences. The student then selects a class in which they can teach or develop. Having been given this opportunity, what would you choose to contribute or teach and why?

Similarly, if you opt to respond to the second question, it’s overall approach would be the same as the previous one.

Think of something that you are passionate about and list it. Take this advantage to also sell how you would make a unique and creative contribution to Tufts by answering this question.

What makes you stand out from a whole bunch of other people who are selling ice cream for instance? What makes your ice cream stand unique, as it is seemingly a parity product?



The second cluster of applications also has two essay questions provided to them. Here is a further review of the Tufts supplemental essay prompts for the second batch.

  • Tufts quizzically mine deeper into posing more undergraduate experience and curriculum specific questions in this segment. They want to know what notable aspects of these items drew you to send your application to them.

This question has a similar approach to the “why did you choose Tufts?” question highlighted earlier, however, this is more course specific.

Again, once you understand what emotive drive you have in selecting Tufts as your institution of choice, you can comfortably expound on why your desired course should be undertaken at this institution. It is highly advisable to carry out as much research as possible. You may need to highlight some core outlines offered at Tufts that are unique from other similar institutions.

  • The final question is one full of colorful luster. It allows you to paint your personal world as a literal masterpiece. The response needs to be crunched into 250 words.

Note, the introductory sentence already gives you an indication of what stance art holds at Tufts. They do not ask if you agree or what your opinion is on artistic impressions, it is simply stated. Tufts believe that art is powerful, has the ability to dissolve assumptions and mold or ignite public discussions. It is a life force within itself. Tufts, therefore, ask you to highlight a passionate piece about intrinsic artistic causes that you have a connection with.

Start by establishing your most relevant piece and how you can bring it to life. What was it’s genesis? What is the execution path and what would the desired outcome be? Show how your piece will be used as a powerful tool as captured in the examples shared by Tufts.



One of the admission requirements includes a supplemental essay, structured into two parts that require very crisp, brief responses.

Essays play a huge role in determining whether or not you will be accepted into the college.

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