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Personal Essay

The importance of writing a Personal Essay with the right tone, diction and content

Applying for admission in a college or a university could take up a lot of one’s time for one simple reason. You need to put forward your application or a personal essay in the best possible language. If you are not able to use the right kind of tone and style, you could land yourself into a solid mess. You would probably say something that you did not mean at all and then have the admissions officer misconstruing what your said. Therefore, the right kind of style and diction are important.

The right mode of expression

If you have been associated with you will realize the need for expressing your opinions well. These are some of the points that you can keep in mind when you want to write your personal essay

  • Expressing what you feel is a good thing; however, you cannot be frank and open about yourself to a very great extent. On one level this could be taken as a sign of weakness. We certainly do not need the admissions officer to think that he or she is admitting a student who is going to be a blabber-mouth!
  • Relating incidents from the past could be a good idea provided they have some connection with what you intend doing now. For instance, let us imagine that you are keen on becoming an interior designer. You cannot talk about the way in which you decorated your doll’s house when you were about five years old, with twigs, colored papers etc. instead, if you mention how you won a prize when you were in school for the best interior design, among a group of 27 students; it would make a good impact. Put in examples and anecdotes only when they are relevant.
  • Be careful about the language that you use. The importance of the right tone, diction and style while writing the essay cannot be overstated. Therefore, you need to be very careful about what you write. If you are not, you could be grossly misunderstood, leading to a very bad situation.
  • The length of your essay is another important point that you need to work on. This brings us to another important issue – the structure of the essay. If you have planned your essay in a proper way, you will be able to write it without any problem. You first need to have a rough idea of all that you want to incorporate. Once you have this in hand, it becomes a lot easier to work on it.

We hope these tips have helped you deal with a personal essay in the best way possible. Of course, you are always welcome to talk to our reps and find out more about how these essays are to be written. We at could offer you a wide range of writing services which would include many kinds of academic writing. When you want help for your application essay, give us a call. We will be able to help you with the essay intro or any other part of the writing.